Core Values

CEDA International’s Business Philosophy has been built on the following set of core business values. Embracing these values in our daily lives helps us sustain a corporate culture where these values are an integrated component of our overall management philosophy and management systems. CEDA International recognizes that our businesses success depends on providing excellent products and services through ethical, committed actions.

"A zero-incident culture ensuring everyone arrives home safe every day."

Our People
"Our people are the differentiator through their skill, knowledge and passion."

"We live by our values and always strive to do the right thing."

Our Customers
"We deliver services and advice as a trusted partner to our customers."

"We don’t avoid difficult conversations; openness, fairness and facts guide our communication and decision-making."

"We have confidence in our team to be competent, have character and respect our stakeholders."

"We deliver to our commitments and answer for our actions and results."

Professional Standards and Ethics — Confidential Reporting System

CEDA International Corporation is committed to the highest standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct. All individuals who represent or conduct work on behalf of CEDA are expected to demonstrate ethical conduct and integrity in carrying out their responsibilities; a core value of CEDA. In demonstrating our full commitment to this core value, we aim to provide all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors and customers with an avenue to raise concerns of unethical, unlawful or inappropriate behaviour.

The most effective way of communicating any information you wish to share is through ConfidenceLine™ Whistle Blower service — an unbiased, independent service provider assuring the highest level of caller privacy.

ConfidenceLine™ can be accessed by dialing 1‐800‐661‐9675 and can be accessed 24/7.